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Johan was born in France in 1983 and followed a traditional education both in France and overseas during his postgraduate studies in international business. His interest for alternative and integrative medicine intensified during his Asian travelling experience through China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan from 2009 to 2020.


He holds a diploma in Aromatherapy from the Provencal Institute of Aromatology from Luberon in France (IPAL), a Certificate of Ayurvedic Principles (CAP), has been trained for providing Oxygenation Therapy with Bol d'Air Jacquier method made in France (, and a Master’s degree in International Business (Business School of Rennes, France)


He is still pursuing his studies on harmonious consciousness, his know-how, and the art of just experiencing “how to be'' while currently studying Caycedian Sophrology in France. He speaks multiple languages, appreciates arts, adventure, laughing and making others laugh, sharing, transmitting, human development engineering, and sports.


He fell very sick after experiencing a burnout in 2015 while working in Hong Kong: he was on a too intensive travel schedule around the world for his job. At that very moment, and with the amazing loving help from a friend who was an aromatherapist, he discovered the virtues of aromatic medicinal plants. He was finally cured after a few months of treatment based on a specific mix of essential oils.


Today, he is offering you his expertise to help you introduce into your daily activities the amazing science behind aromatherapy. With his help, you will regain your state of physical, mental, emotional, energetic wellness. Johan specializes in stress management within companies, both for employees and management teams, and in the treatment of injuries and sports performance. He currently lives in Nouvelle Aquitaine, in the southwest of France.

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