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  • Aroma masterclass I

    How to get rid of stress
    Valable 2 mois
    • [EN] Webinar Course
    • Discover major essential oils (lavender, mint..)
    • How to treat back pain with oils
    • How to deal with your emotions
    • How to get rid of your insomnia
  • Aroma Masterclass II

    Learn to use essential oils for ALL ailments
    Valable 3 mois
    • [EN] Webinar Course
    • How to make your blend safely
    • Discover and Use Emergencies oils
    • Discover essential oils for physical ailments
    • Discover oils for your mental body
    • Discover oils for balancing emotions
    • Discover oils for your energy body
    • Discover oils for your animals
    • Learn the basics about the major oils (lavender, lemon..)
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